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I Shot an Arrow Into the Air

Shooting an arrow into the air on a sunny spring day is almost a religious experience. I remember some 35 years ago, grabbing my self-made bow and my back quiver full of some very brightly fletched and crested arrows and heading for the top of the next hill, I sort of flight-shot not one, but several arrows toward the next hilltop. "I saw, for the first time, the real beauty of an arrow."
   The beauty of the yellow fletching on an all-white, brightly crested shaft as it spiraled down to earth, then struck among the other previously shot arrows, seemed to simulate a wildflower effect that had mysteriously sprouted from the green hillside. A man alone with his bow and arrows, a sunny spring day and some rolling, green hills is all you really need. And when you're through with such an experience on that hilltop in the warm spring sun, you can say to yourself, "I have joined the Fraternity of the Brotherhood of Bowmen who, I'm sure, will include all the greats and past greats of archery."
   So, I say to you on this warm spring day, "For those who have, welcome aboard. For those who haven't, I invite you to join us."

    Doug Walker

Bowhunters Hall of Fame Chairman

Published © circa 1987

Special note: Play it safe by knowing the terrain, how far your bow shoots and that you are not putting anyone or their property in danger. Use extreme caution.

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