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The Members of the Hall of Fame were inducted in one or more category. View the categories and nomination procedures here.

  Chuck Adams - Category A & C

Chuck was the first archer to complete the "Super Slam" ... more

Chuck Adams

  Bob Barrie - Category B

Robert (Bob) Barrie was born in Westbrook, Minnesota, (8/28/1941) where his life in archery began. In 1954, ... more

Bob Barrie

  Fred Bear - Category A

In 1927, at the age of 25, a chance visit to the Adams Theatre in Detroit changed the course of Fred Bear's life... and the sport of archery. At the theatre, Bear saw a film titled, ... more

Fred Bear
  Rollin Bohning - Category B

A chemical engineer by profession and a bowhunter by avocation, Rollin A. Bohning founded The Bohning Company, Ltd., in Detroit Michigan, in 1946...... ... more

Rollin Bohning
  Len Cardinale - Category A

Owned and operated Butts and Bows Archery Indoor Lanes and Pro Shop for 36 years. Open shooting, leagues, tournaments, lessons and Pro Shop ... more

Len Cardinale
  Wayne Carlton - Category A

His long career of helping bowhunters with his unique turkey and elk calls, along with his other bowhunting aids and hunting ... more

Wayne Carlton
  Roy Case - Category A

Much of bowhunting history can be traced back to Roy Case, dubbed by his peers as the Father of Wisconsin Bowhunting. In the 1920's, groups of archers gathered ... more

Roy Case
  S. G. Christian - Category B

After many experiments and redesigning, S.G. sold
his first arrow rest, the “Bodoodle” in 1976 and the
rest is history.
... more

S. G. Christian
  Chief Compton - Historical Category

Born in Flint, Michigan. As a boy of seven, Will, who later was to accept the accolade of “Chief” with great humility and pride, moved to Norfold, Nebraska where he spent much time with ... more

Chief Compton
  Judd Cooney - Category C

Besides being considered a world class bowhunter and Senior Member of the Pope and Young Club, Judd has been active in the outdoor writing and photography field since 1966 and ... more

Judd Cooney
  Jim Dougherty - Category C

In addition to the Bowhunters Hall of Fame, Jim has served in many capacities including the presidency of the American Archery Council ... more

Jim Dougherty
  Harry Drake - Category B

Flight shooting became a part of both the NAA and the NFAA and the challenge of who could shoot an arrow the farthest ... more

Harry Drake
  Doug Easton - Category B

Doug Easton was born on September 21, 1907 in Oakland, California. He started making wood bows and arrows in 1922. Seven years later he moved to Los Angeles where ... more

Doug Easton
  Jim Easton - Category B

James L. Easton has worked on behalf of the sport of archery since entering the sporting goods business in 1960. He is Chairman and Chief... more

Jim Easton
  Jim Fletcher - Category B

Blessed with an inventive and restless mind, Jim Fletcher, early in his introduction to archery starting making archery inventions ... more

Jim Fletcher

  Bob Foulkrod - Category A

Bob has hunted for nearly four decades, from the Arctic to South America, Africa, and all across North America. He is the founder and director of the nationally renowned ... more

Bob Foulkrod
  Don Garbow - Category B

There just isn’t many brands in the hunting industry
that have reached the half-century mark, and fewer still are under control of the original owner. Buck Stop qualifies ...

Don Garbow
  Erle Stanley Gardner - Historical Category

History will bare out that sometimes some of our great bowhunters of the '30s and '40s were overlooked as being real Legends ... more

Erle Stanley Gardner

  Ray Gooding - Category B

If you ever picked up a bow and shot an arrow, it could of very well been a Tru-flite arrow. Today, Tru-Flite Arrow out of Monticello, Indiana, is the world's ... more

Ray Gooding
  Dave Gordon Sr. - Category B

George, Don & Dave entered into a business partnership in the early 1950's ... Dave's responsibility was to keep the shop running ... more

Dave Gordon Sr.
  Don Gordon - Category B

George, Don & Dave entered into a business partnership in the early 1950's ... Don was the salesman with the personality that allowed everyone in the industry ... more

Don Gordon
  George Gordon - Category B

George, Don & Dave entered into a business partnership in the early 1950's ... George's expertise involved the chemistry behind the formulas ... more

George Gordon
  Howard Hill - Category A & B

Howard Hill began shooting the bow and arrow at an early age. Although his youthful interest included the usual round of indoor and outdoor sports, his first love throughout the years ... more

Howard Hill
  Roy Hoff - Category C

Roy is best remembered as the owner and Editor of the (his creation) Archery Magazine. Roy was involved in just about everything in archery and was very instrumental in getting an Archery ... more

Roy Hoff
  Earl Hoyt - Category B

Amidst the excitement of the opening ceremony of the 21st Atlantic City Archery Classic at the Atlantic City Convention Center, ... more

Earl Hoyt
  Ishi - Historical Category

For Ishi archery was not a sport or a game but a sacred art that enabled him and his people, the Yana Indians, to live. No aspect of his archery ... more

  Tom Jennings - Category B

Tom's involvement with archery and archery equipment goes back over a half-century. Tom has been involved with his early-day love ... more

Tom Jennings
  Larry D. Jones - Category A & C

Larry started his Bowhunting in 1961 and since has harvested 14 African and 15 bi game species of North America. He is best know for his elk hunting and calling, ... more

Larry D. Jones
  Chuck Jordan - Category B

His long involvement with archery has benefited and inspired many archers and bowhunters for decades.  He began his business career  ... more

Chuck Jordan
  Myles Keller - Category A

His well known expert on hunting whitetail deer was inducted for his bowhunting excellence  ... more

Myles Keller
  Art LaHa - Category A

Everyone who knew Art LaHa was aware of his rare and special qualities as a bowhunter. It all started at the age of 12 when a lumberjack friend ... more

Art LaHa
  Bob Lee - Category B

Bob Lee has been an active lover of archery & bowhunting all of his life. In his early adult life he started an archery manufacturing company ... more

Bob Lee
  Gail Martin - Category B

Gail Martin is one of our club's original Charter members and is also the Owner/President of the famous Martin Archery. He is 79 years young and can be reached... more

Gail Martin
  Matt McPherson - Category B

Headquartered in Sparta, WI., Matt McPherson and Mathews Inc. continue to lead the way in bow technology. It is there where ... more

Matt McPherson
  John Musacchia Sr. - Category B

John Musacchia Sr. has hunted since he was a child in upstate New York. He has been a bowhunter for over 40 years. A regular member ... more

John Musacchia Sr.
  Ted Nugent - Category A & C

Ted Nugent was honored for two categories: Excellence in Bowhunting as well as literary excellence. These categories ... more

Ted Nugent
  Ben Pearson - Category B

Many have said Ben Pearson was the Henry Ford of building archery equipment. As a young man it was the Boy Scouts of America ... more

Ben Pearson
  Saxton Pope - Historical Category

It was Dr. Saxton Pope, surgeon, who was called into examine the wild Indian (Ishi) that had been captured in northern California. A friendship ... more

Saxton Pope
  Chuck Saunders - Category B

Chuck Saunders is a name known to everyone in archery. His most famous invention was the Indian Cord Fiber Matts; billion upon billions of ... more

Chuck Saunders
   Dwight Schuh - Categories A & C

As early as the first grade, Dwight Schuh started reading outdoor magazines and by High School he knew he wanted to be an outdoor writer. ... more

Dwight Schuh
  Pete Shepley - Category B

Pete Shepley was one of those archers who, at a very young age, strived for a better way of doing something in archery to make it better ... more

Pete Shepley
  Andy Simo - Category B

Andy Simo, President of New Archery Products, was first introduced to bowhunting while working as a structural engineer for Boeing ... more

Andy Simo
  Glenn St. Charles - Category B

Glenn St. Charles, was born in Seattle, Washington, December 15, 1911, the son of a timber cruiser who, at the turn of the century, brought his family from Alpena, Michigan to ... more

Glenn St. Charles
  Mike Strandlund - Category C

Mike Standlund began bowhunting and writing for outdoor magazines in his mid-teens. Growing up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, ... more

Mike Strandlund
  Freddie Troncoso - Category B

A quick review of my life in archery discloses that I have dedicated most of my efforts to designing and patenting ... more

Freddie Troncoso
  Randy Ulmer - Category A & C

Dr. Randy Ulmer grew up in Arizona with hunting as his passion. He attended Oregon State University where he graduated ... more

Randy Ulmer
  Doug Walker - Categories A & C

Doug Walker was among the first few inductees into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame who were recognized ... more

Doug Walker
  Randy Walk - Category B

For Randy Walk, bowhunting has always been a way of life. As a young boy his father Jay owned an archery shop ... more

Randy Walk
  Art Young - Historical Category

Art Young's friendship with Dr. Pope is well known and their mutual feelings towards Ishi brought together ... more

Art Young
  John Yount - Category C

His dreams of taking archery beyond the NAA way of tournaments to what John Yount and his friends called "field shooting" ... more

John Yount


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