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The Bowhunters Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of recognizing not only bowhunters across the United States but also recognizes the archery industry as well. It is a matter of record that the Bowhunters Hall of Fame, since 1990, has been incorporated as a non-profit organization and have through their attorneys obtained the name Bowhunters Hall of Fame as a registered trademark that has been approved and registered in Washington D.C. since 1991. This was all completed to protect our national standing as the only bona fide Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The ATA realized our national standing and in December of 1998 gave us a grant of $3,000.00 to help us prepare our special "Salute to the Legends of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame."

The first Bowhunters Hall of Fame inductees became the Bowhunting Legends of the 20th Century and were Nationally recognized and voted on by our voting Directors and printed full-page by all the major archery bowhunting magazines, all three trade magazines and now continues into the 21st century with its new inductees.

All this was accomplished to protect not only it's past and future inductees, but to protect the National standing and integrity of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame. With this accomplished we feel all non-registered state and other national organizations who have been recognizing their special people, are to be congratulated and that we welcome nominations of theirs into our "Nationally recognized Hall of Fame," however all must follow the rules of our nominating and induction procedures.


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