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Len Cardinale

Len Cardinale

Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting

Age 64 (born 8/21/39) - wife Mary Jo, married 42 years. - Four children (Teresa, Maria, Leonard and Dina) with 8 grandchildren.

Owned and operated Butts and Bows Archery Indoor Lanes and Pro Shop for 36 years. Open shooting, leagues, tournaments, lessons and Pro Shop were its nerve centers.  We had a strong, positive influence on the New York metropolitan area. This was pure "city" and people who never would have experienced competitive shooting or bowhunting, got so involved that for thousands, archery became a lifetime sport, hobby athletic commitment or physical and mental challenge. 

I became involved nationally through the formation of A.L.O.A. (Archery Lanes Operators Association) and coaching national and international contenders. The P.A.A. (Professional Archery Association) drew together many of us who shot, coached, directed or officiated inside archery at the professional level.

P & Y (Pope and Young Club) - Senior Member and Official measurer for 30 years plus, and a board member in the mid/late 70's. I have 21 record class trophies in the book. 

Held board level positions with I.B.E.F. (InterBowhunters Education Foundation), The A.A.C. (American Archery Council) and the B.W.C. (Bowhunters Who Care) from the 70's though the 80's.

P.A.A. - Advanced coaching instructor to all P.A.A. schools through the 70's and significant N.A.A. (National Archery Association) schools as well, achieving Level 5 "Master Coach" in the N.A.A. and the N.F.A.A. (National Field Archery Association), doing 3 N.F.A.A. schools in recent years in Columbus, Ohio.

Made 4 videos in the 90's on basic through advanced shooting that were sold and distributed world wide. 

Bowhunter Magazine contributing writer for 20 years, and Archery World Magazine (now called Bowhunting World) for 10 years before that. Also Outdoor Life for 3 years in the 80's. 


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