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Saxton Pope

Saxton Pope

Historical Category - Bowhunters who have impacted the history of the sport.

Saxton Pope, M.D.
1875 - 1927

It was Dr. Saxton Pope, surgeon, who was called in to examine the wild Indian (Ishi) that had been captured in northern California. A friendship soon came about and started Dr. Pope on his way, not only learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, but later becoming one of the most outstanding early-day bowhunters, and a true legend of our sport. 

Dr. Pope inspired Art Young and the two made many early-day hunts with bow and arrow in northern California. Dr. Pope later made a famous trip with Ishi up Deer Creek, in Lassen County which was well publicized. Dr. Pope wrote one of the first books really explaining modern-day bowhunting, titled "Bowhunting with a Bow and Arrow" and after this with his hunting companion Art Young, their bowhunting accomplishments include hunting Africa, Alaska and probably one of the most inspirational trips of all was the famous grizzly bear hunt in Yellowstone National Park. They were contracted to bring back grizzly bears to be mounted life-size and to this day are still shown in the San Francisco Museum. Dr. Pope died in 1927 a few months after his return from hunting Africa.

No wonder the largest and most recognized bowhunting organization in the world was name after Dr. Saxton Pope and his friend Art Young, known as the Pope and Young Club. 


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