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Pete Shepley

Pete Shepley

Category B - Bowhunters who have shown Excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of Archery Equipment

Pete Shepley was one of those archers who, at a very young age, strived for a better way of doing something in archery to make it better than it was. Pete started out making a few vanes for his arrows to use shooting tournaments. Later he designed a release for his tournament shooting. Both were so well liked that every time he would go to an archery tournament, he would come home with orders for these specially designed products. 

No wonder his innovating mind came up with a bow and his design brought him from back east, out to Tucson, Arizona and the rest is archery history. 

Pete did more than just design and manufacture archery equipment, he personally field tested all his own innovations and by doing so became a world class bowhunter taking big game records from all over the North American continent and later Africa, Canada & Alaska. 

Pete's involvement became good for all of archery. Dealers and the entire industry also well recognize his contributions through not only bowhunting but as one of the nations leading contributors to making our sport one of the leading industries in the world. 


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