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Glenn St. Charles

Glenn St. Charles

Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting

Glenn St. Charles, was born in Seattle, Washington, December 15, 1911, the son of a timber cruiser who, at the turn of the century, brought his family from Alpena, Michigan to the timber country of the great northwest.

While still in grade school, Glenn spent several summer vacations with his dad in timber-cruising camps in the Kaniksu national Forest of northern Idaho. This was the backdrop for Glenn to observe ways of the animals of these remote regions — deer, elk, moose, and bear. He fashioned flies to entice eager trout to the hook. He became a bowhunter, a bowyer, making hundreds of bows from the rich-colored yew he found combing the Cascade Mountains. He became a fletcher, making arrows from the tough spruce and Alaska cedar. He cut crude blades out of old re-tempered hand saws for broadheads.

Glenn watched bowhunting come to Washington State in 1938, and after a few years, saw it disappear in one day by action of the Washington State Game Commission. He was there when it was reestablished the very next day, due to a plea by Washington State’s father of bowhunting, Kore T. Duryee. This “bended knee” experience was forever imprinted in Glenn’s mind — a reminder of how fragile success can be. He became the watchdog of bowhunting in Washington State and eventually throughout the country.

When the bow was questioned as to its being a viable hunting weapon by concerned wildlife agencies everywhere, St. Charles and his friends found the answer in the Boone and Crockett record-keeping concepts. Thus the Pope and Young Club was formed and now stands as the pillar of bowhunting everywhere.

St. Charles is the founder of the Pope and Young Club. He is an emeritus member of the Boone and Crockett Club. Throughout his bowhunting career, he has received nearly every award the National Field Archery Association, the Pope and Young Club, and the Professional Bowhunters.

His written words have appeared in many archery publications for the past sixty years. His video, “Billets to Bow,” was produced in 1984 to preserve the art of bowmaking. The book version followed in 1996. He and his wife, Margaret, have been guests and are members of numerous state bowhunting organizations.

Today, the author’s eight-decade span behind the bow serves as a bridge between then and now.

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