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Doug Walker

Doug Walker

Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting

Category C -
Bowhunters who have shown Literary Excellence that have  Advanced the Sport of Bowhunting

Doug Walker was among the first few inductees into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame who were recognized not only for Category A, for his hunting excellence, but also Category C for his literary excellence.

Prior to the late 1940s, what few bowhunters there were across the U.S. they could only hunt deer with a bow during the gun seasons. But through the efforts of so few, an archery only season was established and in 1949, Doug was one of the very first bowhunters of record to take a buck deer. during a "Archery Only" deer season, this was his first big game animal in California and later he was recognized in their record book as the first and only bowhunter to take all 13 big game species that could be taken in California. 

1961 - Doug along with Fred Bear was one of the first regular members of the Pope and Young Club, also one of the Club's first Board of Directors, in 1970, Doug became a Senior member and was voted on to be Pope and Young's Big Game Chairman.

Doug is a world class bowhunter with hundreds of big game animals to his credit - over 50 of them are award winning trophy class animals and are prominently listed in the record books. 

Many awards of honor hang from the walls of his office and den. You will see such awards of honor from the most recognized organizations in the U.S.A. To name a few, Pope and Young Club, Safari Club International, NFAA and from his home state, CBH/SAA, Big Game Club.

In 2001, during the World Archery Festival, the NFAA created the "Grand Master Society," their highest of Bowhunting honors. Along with three of his bowhunting idols, Fred Bear, Ben Pearson and Glenn St. Charles, Doug was named 4th to be listed on that Roll of Honor. 

Also in 2001, Doug received his state's most coveted award, their "Lifetime Achievement Award of Honor." Doug was the owner and publisher, along with his wife, Betty, of the National Bowhunter Magazine. The National Bowhunter Magazine is celebrating its 57th anniversary as a bowhunting magazine.. 

Doug Walker and Fred Bear swapping hats 
at a video interview in 1987

Doug Walker with his moose hanging in the tree, 1966
Photo by Fred Bear

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