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Art Young

Art Young

Historical Category - Bowhunters who have impacted the history of the sport.

Art Young's friendship with Dr. Pope is well known and their mutual feelings towards Ishi brought together these two men. Their hunts started in northern California, then onto Africa and their most famous of all hunts, collecting grizzlies for the San Francisco Museum. This hunt was in Yellowstone National park and the stories of this hunt is well publicized. Art Young made several bow hunts to Alaska and documented those hunts by making some of the earliest-day movies about bowhunting in Alaska. 

His travels throughout the United States about early-day bowhunting and his first movies hunting in Alaska showed exactly what could be done with a bow and arrow when he took not only brown bears and grizzlies, but he also took two Polar bears. As with his friend Saxton Pope, the largest bowhunting organization in the world is name after both men and is known worldwide as the Pope & Young Club.


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