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John Yount

John Yount

Category C - Bowhunters who have shown literary or organizational excellence.

His dreams of taking archery beyond the NAA way of tournaments to what John Yount and his friends called "field shooting" over a roving range of targets became reality. And a way many of the archers and bowhunters wanted to better perfect their bowhunting skills and a way of shooting targets at an unknown distance. Its acceptance as a nationally known organization spread throughout the United States and is now one of the largest organizations of archers and bowhunters in the world, know as the National Field Archers Association (the NFAA). 

This was all accomplished through the 1940s when many others felt the same way as John, and knew there had to be a better way than the NAA way of just shooting targets at known distances and in a park-like atmosphere. 


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